Step-by-step Guide

After your arrival

1.  Please arrange all CHANGES TO THE ORIGINAL LEARNING AGREEMENT with the departmental coordinator(s).

For more information about timetables and courses, please consult with the secretary of the department or your departmental coordinator(s).   

2. After your Learning Agreement has been completed and all changes have been approved, go directly to the secretary of the department so that she or he can enter those courses into the VIS system. Bring one copy of the new Learning Agreement to the International office as well (room 10, ground floor).

3. In order to access the VIS system and obtain access to free wireless at the faculty (eduroam), you should create a Student Digital Identity.

4.  When all of this has been completed, ensure that you attend classes and write the exams.

Before you go home

Before you leave, you should collect two documents: the CONFIRMATION OF DEPARTURE and the TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS   

1. You can obtain the CONFIRMATION OF DEPARTURE at the International Office of the Faculty of Arts. The dates on the document cannot be modified.

2. When you have ALL of the grades in the VIS system, you may receive your TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS. We will prepare the document when you inform us by e-mail or in person. Bear in mind that it takes two days for this document to be prepared.    

If you plan to leave before the professor submits all of the grades, send us an e-mail when you have all of the grades in VIS and we will send the Transcript of Records to your home address.   


IMPORTANT! We do not know when your last exam is, so it is really important that you inform us.