Study Cycle: 2

Lectures: 15

Seminars: 15

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Govekar Okoliš Monika

• Definition of andragogy as a science and its fundamental concepts:
The concept of adulthood and periods of life. Adult target groups. Adult education and differences between adult education and the education of children and young adults. Types of adult education. Obstacles to, reasons and motivation for adult education. Education and types of education, and re-education of adults. Socialisation of adults. Theory of permanent education and lifelong learning and adult education.
• Adult education as a social, institutional (schools, adult education institutions, companies, etc.) and individual need:
The influence of social changes on adult education. Knowles, Kidd (knowledge for survival). Institutionalised adult education. Tough (learning projects, independent adult education), Titmus etc. Importance of andragogical work and various roles of the professionals involved in adult education (leaders, organisers, mentors, animators, counsellors, instructors, etc.).
• Curriculum for work with and education of adults:
The andragogical cycle. Establishing the need for adult education and methods of putting together adult educational programmes. Programming and planning of adult education. Sources of knowledge. Adult education methods. Forms of adult education. Conditions and implementation of adult education and consideration of andragogical principles. Evaluation (types, methods) of adult education. Formal and informal evaluation.
• Professional development of an adult (teacher, expert in adult education):
The formulation of a model of personal lifelong learning and the method of educational biography.
• Promotion of lifelong adult learning:
Promoting opportunities for and the desire for adult learning. Promoting and facilitating access to education along a formal or informal path. Improvement of and widening of the scope of available education. Improvement of information provision, organisation, mentoring, counselling, e-education, etc. of adults.